Morant Bay Rum

Named after the township of Morant Bay site of Jamaica’s famous rebellion a devilishly modern rum produced using a very traditional distillation method.

Rebellious in its nature, it’s unique taste is reminiscent of beaches, sunshine and sea breezes.

Our recipe uses the finest molasses and specially selected secret ingredients to create a rum that is simply liquid summer in a glass.

So pick up your glass and prepare to be transported to an exotic beach in Jamaica!



Produced in the UK our spiced red rum has its history deeply rooted in the beautiful island of Jamaica – a 21st century taste for the discerning rum drinker.

Triple distilled in traditional alembic copper pot stills, in temperature control conditions, the red colour is achieved from the natural infusion of cherry and hibiscus and contains absolutely no artificial colouring.

Our Signature Edition Spiced Red Rum has a characteristic sweet flavour with the punch of  a 42% rum and will be a delight to your taste buds.

Our Rum

Wholesale and Distribution

Join our growing list of customers who order Morant Bay Signature Edition Spiced Red Rum for wholesale and distribution. Currently it is available from Master of Malt, Tipplebox, Borough Box and Amazon. Our staff are happy to discuss your requirements today.

AWRS Approved


Export Orders

Having gone through testing and approval by the Canadian Government, Morant Bay Rum is now exporting to Canada. Our specially bottled Spiced Red Rum is available for export to all international territories, and our staff are happy to discuss your particular requirements.



Associate Member Of The BDA (British Distillers Alliance)