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The idea of a refreshing spirit is the best solution for a twenty-eight degree ‘Summers Saturday’ in Reigate.

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The summer sun was in full force for ‘Eat’ Food Festival located in Priory Park. With the blazing heat bringing people to all but one category of stall; the drinks stalls. Allowing the weather to be our lucky charm.

Located in the park, busking crowds approach the stalls with their eyes peeled for a successful purchase of new and upcoming produce. With a cupcake stall to our left and homemade fudge to our right, the adults can have their own stall to pit stop at, whilst the children stare in amazement with goggling eyes at the sugar mountains!

The initial thought of 42% blew people’s minds, after their first taste the tables had turned.  With a satisfied and warm expression on their faces realising they’d just discovered something out of the ordinary. “One taste and they were sold.”

The suns heat and rays blast down on the greenest of grasses, causing the crowds to swarm to the nearest shaded spot with a drink to follow. At 12pm calling for lunch, crowds start to gather. The colour and historical element and being the only ‘British spiced Rum’ was the first enticement, the clear and pure ‘red’ of the spirit being the second and finally the taste; the seller.

As crowds form, with a woozy, warm and welcoming sensation and presence around the marquee, forgetting the strong percentage, converting non-spirit drinkers to the world of Jamaican hibiscus spiced red rum.  Attracted by the initial first glance of a red liquid, confirmed that this was not just a ‘lady’s drink’ but enticed partners, friends and groups of men alike.

Walking around the festival, passing people doing their rounds of the exhibitors, I hear the word ‘rum’ and ‘Morant Bay’ multiple times, with customers contemplating the purchase of a bottle, and all I can think to say is; “ Go with your gut and more importantly your taste buds- YES.”

With the afternoon sun in full swing , crowds continue to gather and increase in size with groups forming around the marquee, patiently waiting in anticipation for their first taste of Morant Bay after buzz and hear say from around the festival.

The Priory Reigate 3

Recommendations, customer’s compliments and positive responses, along with laughter and smiles all around entice newcomers to see what the cause of the happy smile is on customer’s faces.

As the evening sets in and crowds begin to disperse into the greenery, the memory of today along with the positive feedback and happy customers sampling Morant Bay plays on our mind from dawn til’ dusk.

The Priory Reigate 5

AUTHOR: Alexandria Gerrard:  23/07/2016