The Signature Edition Spiced Red Rum from Morant Bay is the first release by
it’s creator and company founder Peter Townsend.

The rum by Peter Townsend is the first ever award-winning British produced spiced red rum owing to the infusion of Jamaican rose petals and other botanicals to create its signature colour and taste.

A departure from the standard white, dark and golden rum categories, but a product that embraces his Jamaican background with use of this flower, commonly found in the Caribbean. It brings together a blend of Jamaican family heritage and traditional British distillery craftsmanship combining the best of Jamaica and Britain in a bottle.

    2015 ISC Silver Award-winning British Produced Signature Edition Spiced Red Rum.

Description A Rosa de Jamaica (Jamaican rose) infused spiced rum,
smooth, slightly sweet, copper pot distilled British rum without
harsh ethanol notes.

Nose: You will detect a hint of Ginger, treacle and lemon blossom.
This aroma moves over to peach and warm spices including hibiscus and cherry.

Palate: With your first sip, your palate is filled with a deep citrus twist
and a subtle blend of cracked-caramel.

Finish: As you swallow, you will get a warm, sweet and spicy long after
taste with the traditional blackstrap molasses finish.

42% ABV

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