Why is London the Rum capital of Great Britain, well with two back to back industry trade and award events Think Rum! in January, The Rum & Cachaca awards set for February and is host to the UK’s longest running rum festival in the UK, celebrating it’s first decade and with it’s eleventh event to come in October.

Also home to the two Guinness world record rum holders. One of for having the most selection of rums stocked in a bar 372 in total at last count in October 2016 and holding the largest rum tasting event in 2014.

Home to Rum week series of rum related activities during 2015,  running straight after London Cocktail Week the same year.

Award-winning rum company Morant Bay, who produces the UK’s only spiced red rum as well as home location for the Global Rum Ambassador Ian Burrell, creator and founder the UK Rumfest and inventor of the Reggae Rum punch.

And the home to recent Think Rum! 2017 Award winners

For Best Independent Rum Retailer – Gerry’s of Soho –
Allen Daly , Gerry’s manager commented on the win and the award saying
“I think that it gives us inspiration to continue our love of all thing rum.”

Best Independent Bar –  Merchant House – City of London

With it’s array of rum and tiki bars it may take some beating, but other cities who contest this may have to back up their credentials if they think it’s not the case.

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