Last week Morant Bay, won a Global Spirits Award in the Rum & Cachaça category as published by industry magazine The Spirits Business.



The win seemed timely as the rum celebrates it marks the second anniversary after it debuted at the International Food and Drink Expo, back in March 2015.

For Peter Townsend CEO, company founder and rum creator of the award-winning Signature Edition Spiced Red Rum, Britain’s first ever produced spiced red rum of its kind.

The rum was a three year work in progress, with a lot of time, care and research developing this premium entry product.

“As as brand we’re happy to be included in the same award listing as some of the more established rums in the world, especially considering that we’re only a relatively small, but growing company.”

“I’m thrilled that we have won this award and I hope it is the sign of many more for the Morant Bay Rum company. We’ve been busy touring and exhibiting our product as part of The Rum Festivals a series of events across, England and Scotland, championing and showcasing a variety of rum to the trade and consumer alike.”

The Global Spirits Masters, organised by the Spirits Business, have been running for several years across different categories and spirit classes.

Each entry was judged according to its category by an independent panel rum experts, including magazine editor Kristiane Sherry.

The rum is a much more contemporary product, combining Townsend’s Jamaican heritage in the sugar sector, going back to the late 1800’s mixed with British small batch artisanal craft spirit production, blended into every bottle.

The British rum industry is slowly emerging, with gin, vodka and whiskey dominating the nation’s healthy craft and micro distilling sector.

Morant Bay Rum is collaborating with a chef, chocolatier and mixologist tying it into the growing food and drink scene, where people, suppliers and buyers are interested in the provenance, history and brand story of what they consume and offer.

2017 is proposed to be the year of rum and we want to being doing our bit to shout about it and grow its presence evermore, in this competitive spirit sector.

Morant Bay are co-sponsor of The RumFestivals, that are taking place across England and Scotland, will engaging with product sampling, talks, discussions and retailing directly to the public.

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