Alcohol Wholesaler Registration Scheme (AWRS) 2017 Deadline

Do you produce or sell alcohol wholesale? If you sell alcohol to another business you may need to apply to register for AWRS. [...]

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Shtox a new spin on 21st century bar and glassware

Can you share with us story behind this rotating tumbler and what it took to make this extraordinary glass a reality? The rotating glass created for whiskey and Shtox appeared due to the fact that inventor Evgeny loves to go out to bars to meet up with his friends and savour his favourite drink - whiskey. At the same time, watching the people, he often noticed that many people casually, try to wiggle and twist in the hands the glasses with their drinks. However, he always pointed out that people are trying to twist the glass, which by definition can not spin, because they are simply the most ordinary glasses. Once he had the idea, why not to invent a glass, [...]

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