The Story: 1874 – Present

We have a lot to thank the Townsend family for:

After all they are the inspiration behind the development of Morant Bay Rum.

James Townsend, Born in 1874 in Westmoreland, Jamaica is the Great, Great Grandfather of our CEO Peter Townsend.

During his 65 years, he created a small business empire producing sugar cane and molasses to all 14 parishes throughout the island of Jamaica.

Peters Grandad

Prior to his passing, his son Lopez took up the family torch and made it burn brighter than ever – not only expanding the business but becoming a prominent and respected figure throughout the Westmoreland community, never shirking from promoting the virtues of peace and prosperity.

Peters Mum & Dad

In 1982 Lopez passed the family business on to his own son Brenton father of Peter Townsend.

Although the ingredients for Morant Bay Rum do not come directly from the family plantation it is the dream of Peter Townsend that one day this will happen. There are plans to setup a distillery at the family home in Jamaica, and produce directly from source.

For now Morant Bay Signature Edition Red Rum is distilled and bottled here in the UK and has been crafted for the 21st Century market.

So there you have it, when you next have a glass, wherever you are, sit back, close your eyes and think of the beautiful Caribbean islands and a drink that is inspired by a family history.